Lahemaa National Park Centre (Environmental Board)

Keskus:Lahemaa National Park Centre (Environmental Board)

The Nature Centre of the Lahemaa National Park is located next to the Palmse manor house, in the former coach house. The centre includes a lecture hall for 70 people, a natural history classroom for 25 people, and a permanent exposition on the Lahemaa National Park. The classroom displays collections of rocks, animal pelts and skulls, seashells, butterflies, lichens and wood fungi.
The nature centre organises information days and training programmes. In addition, visitors can view different photo and art exhibitions.
Various educational programmes for pupils are conducted in the centre of the Lahemaa National Park, the nature trails of the national park, and other nature reserves of Lääne-Viru County.
Aadress:Palmse village, Lääne-Viru county
Telefoni number:+372 5562 4391, +372 5304 7344

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