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NPO Lilli Nature Centre operates in the Lilli Nature House located in the former Polli forest district office. The Nature House is situated 0.4 km left from the Metskonna bus stop on the 11th kilometre of Karksi-Nuia–Lilli Road.

The buildings date back to the year 1865 when a sub-manor of Polli Manor was established; it housed the forest master of the manor and the first known manager of these woods. The building is privately owned and NPO Lilli Nature Centre has been founded in order to run it and organise its activities.

The Lilli Nature House offers educational programmes on various topics mainly directed at children. In summer, camps can be organised at the nature house; during school terms, two-day educational programmes can be held. The house includes a room for crafting, one for exhibitions, and a fireplace room furnished with rag carpets and pillows for watching nature films. The shelves contain an abundance of nature books, board games, jigsaw puzzles, tools for nature observation and worksheets for walking along a forest path.

The house functions from 15 May to 15 September between 10:00 and 18:00 as an information point for the RMK Sakala recreation area. At other times, the house can be visited upon prior agreement. There is a fire ring, as well as a campsite, near the nature house. The house is a starting point of the Lilli nature trail leading to a mysterious rowan grove where you can marvel at badger setts, lungwort lichen, the former nesting tree of a black stork, and much more.

NPO Lilli Nature Centre works in close collaboration with RMK’s Central Estonian office, the Environmental Board and individuals involved in environmental education in Viljandi County. In the academic year 2012/2013, an educational project titled Environmental Education Programmes for Kindergarten Children and Pupils from grades 1 to 9 in Viljandi County was conducted at the centre. As a part of this project, NPO Lilli Nature Centre organises educational programmes in various locations in Viljandi County.
Aadress:Lilli village, Karksi municipality, Viljandi county 69002
Telefoni number:+372 5620 2769

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