Tipu Nature School

Keskus:Tipu Nature School

The old Tipu schoolhouse is located in Tipu Village, one of the gates to the Soomaa National Park. The non-profit organisation Tipu Nature School was founded in 2007 with the goal of restoring the old schoolhouse and founding a nature school complex on its premises – a place to carry out educational programmes supporting environmental education and sustainable development.

Our activities:

  • Nature and environmental education programmes on various subjects for kindergarten and school children

  • Providing additional training for adults and teachers

  • Courses/seminars on local traditions, handicraft and sustainable renovation

  • Organising nature evenings and family days

  • Constructing an integrated complex for the Tipu Nature School

  • Organising exhibitions at the Tipu schoolhouse

  • Establishing a village museum to exhibit local culture and way of life, work traditions and rural architecture

Thanks to its location, Tipu Village provides versatile opportunities for introducing different natural habitats. The Tipu schoolhouse can also be visited upon prior agreement.

Aadress:Tipu school house, Tipu village, Kõpu municipality, 71211 Viljandi county
Telefoni number:+372 5353 6961

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