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Keskus:RMK Pähni Nature Centre

The Pähni Nature Centre is located in Varstu Parish in Võru County, 36 km from Võru, 56 km from Valga, and 30 km from Antsla. The nature centre is the hub of the RMK Haanja-Karula recreation area. The forest bestows its wisdom and riches only upon those who come to it with good thoughts and keen interest. The visitors to Pähni can spend fruitful hours in the nature centre, forest museum, recreation facilities and nature trails either in the company of an instructor, on their own, or both. We provide a number of prepared educational and special interest programmes, as well as accommodation for organising independent nature courses. 

– Free campaign programmes for general education institutions and kindergartens in winter, spring and autumn – paid environmental education programmes (more information on the website)
– Materials and information about Haanja-Karula and other RMK recreation areas
– The possibility to visit exhibitions, the forest museum and the library
– Camping for up to 50 people – the option of having a picnic and building a fire
– Forest- and nature-themed events
– The option of renting the hall for nature-themed events

Opening hours: Wed to Fri, 11.00-16.00

Aadress:Pähni village, Varstu municipality, 66116 Võru County
Telefoni number:Helina Tammemägi, Head of Nature Centre +372 5300 2181

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