Alam-Pedja Nature Centre (Environmental Board)

Keskus:Alam-Pedja Nature Centre (Environmental Board)

The Alam-Pedja Nature Centre is located in the Kirna Training Centre in Jüriküla that belongs to the Estonian Defence League. The visitors of the nature centre can explore the nature reserve by means of maps, information stands about sites of historical or natural value, educational videos about local nature, and a floor game. The centre offers various educational programmes and hikes and collaborates closely with schools and kindergartens.


Three hiking trails have been prepared for visitors at the Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve:

Kirna nature trail (6.8 km) near the centre, running along the flood plain of Pedja River

Selli-Sillaotsa nature trail (4.7 km) in Laeva Bog

Põltsamaa (Kamari)-Kärevere water hiking trail (75 km)
Aadress:Jüriküla village, Puurmani municipality, 49005 Jõgeva County
Telefoni number:+372 527 3340

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