Iisaku Nature Centre

Keskus:Iisaku Nature Centre

The Iisaku Nature Centre of the Environmental Board includes the following facilities:

Outdoor classroom for up to 50 participants – benches (each for 6 people) and desks.

On the wall of the outdoor classroom, an information board depicting a food chain and a food network.

By the pond, a pier and an information board depicting the pond’s life cycle.

In a small grove, an information board about the life cycle of an oak tree.

The territory includes a campsite, a toilet, a shower and a fire ring together with benches and a barbecue fixture, a shelter with benches and a table, and a grill house.

The equipment needed to carry out programmes.

The office includes a seminar room with presentation equipment for 25–40 participants.

The office library can be used upon agreement.

For more information, visit www.keskkonnaamet.ee

Aadress:Aia 10, IIsaku
Telefoni number:+372 5332 8287


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