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Keskus:Estonian Museum of Natural History

The Estonian Museum of Natural History is a public institution under the Ministry of the Environment and thus enjoys the status of a central museum. Having grown out of the Provincial Museum of the Estonian Literary Society founded in 1842, it has been operating as a separate museum since 1941. The museum is divided between two buildings. 29A Lai Street houses the exposition, geology fund, photo collection, and the offices of the administration as well as the departments of geology and environmental education. The building at 26 Toompuistee contains the rest of the funds as well as the offices of the departments of botany, entomology and zoology.
The total floor space of the museum covers approximately 1,000 m
2. The activities of the museum relating to environmental education involve, firstly, permanent expositions and various temporary exhibitions (12 a year, on average), and secondly, activities in classrooms, parks etc. Thus far, the educators at the museum have mainly focused their attention on pupils. Most of the temporary exhibitions are accompanied by worksheets, and in addition to the tours based on the permanent expositions, other educational events (such as the activities of the Forest Week) take place in the museum halls. The Room of Discoveries, mainly oriented at pre-school children, is also open to visitors.
Aadress:29A Lai Street Tallinn
Telefoni number:+372 6411 739


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