HARED NPO – Centre for Training and Development

Keskus:HARED NPO – Centre for Training and Development

HARED NPO is a non-profit centre for training and development – an organisation based on self-initiative. Our activities follow from and promote the principles of sustainability and lifelong learning, helping local governments, educational institutions and other organisations to find original development solutions.

We manage projects related to public administration, including education, the organisation of study, management, as well as sustainable development and environmental education; we provide training that supports the growth of organisations, including on the topics of the environment and sustainable development; we organise workshops, conferences, tours and trips; we also publish materials in print.

Our registration number is 80195609, and education licence number 5748HTM.
In providing courses and carrying our various projects, we are assisted by our wonderful partners from Estonia and elsewhere.

Aadress:Kärberi 50-181, Tallinn 13919
Telefoni number:+372 635 7103

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