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The Muraste Nature School is located in Muraste Manor Park on Suurupi Peninsula. The local natural environment provides visitors with the opportunity to see dozens of different landscapes in the course of a few-hour hike and learn more about their inhabitants. A variety of exceptionally diverse natural biotic communities can be found in the coastal area, also boasting highly diverse flora and fauna.
Muraste Manor Park is under nature protection. The Muraste Nature Reserve and the Vääna and Rannamõisa Landscape Protection Areas are located in the vicinity; the Suurupi and Sõrve Nature Reserves are currently being established.

The Muraste Nature School was founded in 2006 by Studio Viridis Loodusharidus and the Estonian Fund for Nature. A number of educational outdoor programmes for kindergarten and school children have been developed. New instructors are being trained at the Palupõhja and Muraste Nature Schools in collaboration with the Tartu Environmental Education Centre. The Muraste Nature School is still young and its main activities are currently directed towards preparing new programmes, training instructors, and improving study conditions. Educational programmes take place all year round.
The activities of the Muraste Nature School are also supported by the nature trail established in the Tabasalu Nature Reserve, where teachers are able to hold outdoor lessons for children even without the help of instructors. At the moment, the Muraste Nature School has no offices or classrooms, but they are included in future plans. Paths and footbridges are also in need of repairs, and an outdoor classroom is being designed. Depending on the weather, all educational programmes are currently held outdoors under the supervision of instructors.

The Muraste Nature School is located in Muraste Manor Park, 15 km from Tallinn along Klooga Road. (When approaching from Tallinn, via Õismäe, drive through Tabasalu and Rannamõisa, and the next village after Ilmandu is Muraste.) County buses and share taxis stop at the Muraste bus stop; from there, walk toward the manor house and then head for the far edge of the park – about 150 m in total. Welcome to the Muraste Nature School!
Aadress:Muraste 76905, Harku vald, Harjumaa
Telefoni number:+372 5340 1033, +372 515 8379

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