Silma Workshop

Keskus:Silma Workshop

The Silma Workshop is a nature school situated in northern Lääne County, in the Silma Nature Reserve, which is known for its diverse nature. The nature school building is located by Saunja Bay, in the middle of coastal meadows and reed beds. The classroom of the nature school seats 40 people; with participants sitting on the floor, the room can accommodate up to twice that many.

The workshop organises training days and nature camps related to environmental education for basic and secondary school pupils. Upon request, programmes related to environmental education are also conducted for adults. The nature school can provide lodging for approximately 35 people. Many of the educational programmes at the Silma Workshop focus on the sea and local coastal meadows and biota.
Aadress:Saunja village, Oru municipality, Lääne county
Telefoni number:+372 5667 8621

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