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Keskus:RMK Oandu Nature Centre

The Oandu Nature Centre is situated in the northern Estonian recreation area, 3 km from Sagadi Manor towards Altja. In Oandu, visitors learn about the nature of the Lahemaa National Park and the different options for roaming the nature, as well as the growing and use of forest and timber throughout the ages. Another important theme in the events and programmes of the nature centre operating in a 150-year-old former forest district building is cultural heritage – traces of the life and work of previous generations. These themes are supported by film and slide programmes and exhibitions in the nature centre, the Cone Hut (Käbitare), barn and the old ice cellar. Oandu is a node of hiking and nature trails and the starting point of the 370 km Oandu-Ikla hiking trail passing through Estonia. The Oandu Nature Centre also organises environmental education programmes at the RMK Ojaäärse Nature House and the RMK Roela Cone Dryer/Museum, as well as in Tsitre, Harju County.


  • Free campaign programmes for general education institutions and kindergartens in winter, spring and autumn

  • Paid environmental education programmes (more information on the website)

  • Maps and information on the nature trails and camping options of the Lahemaa National Park and the northern Estonian recreation area

  • Nature films, a slide programme and old documentaries about forests and logging in earlier times

  • The opportunity to use the information sets of the nature centre

  • Organisation of training days and events on the topics related to cultural heritage and forests

  • The option of renting the hall or the classroom for nature-themed events

    Opening hours:
    15 April to 14 May Mon–Sun 10:00–17:00
    15 May to 15 September Mon–Sun 10:00–18:00
    16 September to 15 October Mon–Sun 10:00–17:00
    16 October to 14 April Wed–Fri 10:00–16:00

Aadress:Oandu village, Vihula municipality, Lääne-Viru county
Telefoni number:+372 676 7010, +372 509 9397

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