RMK Kiidjärve Nature Centre

Keskus:RMK Kiidjärve Nature Centre

Kiidjärve Nature Centre is situated in Kiidjärve–Kooraste Recreation Area in Kiidjärve village, on the scenic bank of the Ahja River. The aim of the centre is to guide both young and older visitors to the natural rarities of this beautiful area so that the forest and nature would open up their secrets to the interested observer. For this purpose, the Nature Centre has been given the wonderful landscape of Põlva County with its famous outcrops, the kingdom of wood ants in Kiidjärve, the Valgesoo bog, and other valuable assets of nature and cultural heritage.
Nature education is provided with the help of visual aids at the Nature Centre, on special study and hiking trails, information is shared on paper and boards and during events and competitions.

Aadress:Kiidjärve village, Vastse-Kuuste municipality, Põlva county
Telefoni number:+372 676 7122, +372 516 8887

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