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The Mäe Nature House is situated in the RMK Räpina-Värska recreation area in Setomaa, right on the coast of Lake Lämmijärv. The nature house is located on an old farm site built in the 1890s, with the granary and residential building still intact. Mäe got its name after the Mäe sentry in the former Räpina forest district where the house was located.

The buildings of the nature house display cultural heritage – the everyday life of the Seto people throughout the ages, trips into the forest and logging equipment, fishing trips and fishing equipment, the sauna and related customs, the biota and fish in Lake Lämmijärv, and the freedom to roam in the state forest.

The nature house welcomes groups interested in nature who appreciate tranquillity and privacy. The selection of programmes offered by the Mäe Nature House gives you the opportunity to learn new information and skills.


  • Paid environmental education programmes and hikes (more information on the website)

  • The option of renting the houses for workshops, conferences or nature-themed events

  • Information about Räpina-Värska and other RMK recreation areas, as well as the surrounding sites of natural value

Opening hours: The house is only open at previously reserved times.

Open upon request; please book in advance on weekdays: Mon–Thu 10:00–17:00, Fri 10:00–16:00.

Aadress:Rõsna village, Mikitamäe municipality, Põlva county
Telefoni number:+372 676 7532

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