Pärnu Nature and Technology House

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The Pärnu Nature and Technology House is a hobby school providing education related to nature and the environment, as well as technology. The activities of its nature-related field date back to 1953.

We aim to provide pupils with the opportunity of spending their leisure time in a versatile way by means of hobby schooling, to help them discover and develop their skills and talents as well as choose their future profession. We teach children about nature and environment and how to appreciate and care for it. The nature house boasts a library, natural science collections (rocks and fossils, mosses and lichens, bird eggs and nests, herbariums, insects, skulls, snails and mussels, house plants), an environmental studies classroom and a greenhouse, an animal room, a video and audio collection, and contemporary teaching aids. Studying at the nature house takes place in the form of clubs, projects, courses, conferences, seminars, competitions, camps, tours and expeditions.

Aadress:Kooli 11, (Winter Garden) Mai 2a, Pärnu
Telefoni number:+372 443 5875, +372 5345 5319

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