RMK Kabli Nature Centre

Keskus:RMK Kabli Nature Centre

Kabli Nature Centre is situated in the pine forest on the shore of the Gulf of Riga. Coastal sea, coastal meadows, versatile forests, fascinating bogs and the local scenery are the most characteristic features of the nearest surroundings. Priivitsa campfire site, a good spot for setting up a tent or making fire, is situated near the nature centre. Kabli nature study trail is also nearby.

Opening hours:
22 June to 26 August, Mon to Sun 10.30–18.30
27 August to 14 May, Mon to Fri 11.00–16.00

Aadress:Kabli village, Häädemeeste municipality, 86002 Pärnu County
Telefoni number:Küllike Sisask, Head of RMK Kabli Nature Centre +372 5302 0833, +372 505 8242

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