RMK Mändjala Nature House

Keskus:RMK Mändjala Nature House

The Mändjala Nature House in Saaremaa is located on the shore of Suur Katel in the RMK Saaremaa recreation area.
Saaremaa emerged from the sea at the end of the ice age; as the land continued to rise by a few millimetres a year, the island grew and settlement widened. By the end of the first millennium AD, Saaremaa had become one of the most advanced counties in Ancient Estonia.

The nature house is situated in the Järve Dunes Landscape Protection Area and is surrounded by a primeval forest. The visitors of the nature house learn about the plant species protected in the nature reserve, the primeval forest, forest vermin and damage, and different tree species. The nature house welcomes groups interested in nature who appreciate tranquillity and privacy and have respect for our fragile nature.


  • Paid nature study programmes and hikes;
  • possible to rent the house for seminars, meetings and nature events;
  • information on Saaremaa Recreation Area and other RMK recreation areas and the nature sights in the neighbourhood.

According to order, booking on weekdays:
Mon to Thu 10.00-17.00
Fri 10.00-16.00

Aadress:Mändjala village, Saare county
Telefoni number:+372 676 7532

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