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The Saaremaa Museum is one of the oldest (founded in 1865) and biggest museums in Estonia, with 70–80 thousand visitors a year. As a county museum, it is one of the main keepers and enhancers of the identity of Saaremaa Island as a region of unique nature, history and culture. Kuressaare Castle is an important part of that identity.

As a result of persistent and versatile research, the Saaremaa Museum has become a leading scientific research institution and coordinator in the county, especially in the field of history and regional studies. The research is based on various collections that have evolved over a century and a half and contain more than 152 thousand items in total (2012).

The museum is an important learning centre in the county, with all-round educational activity being one of its major goals. Each year, nearly a few hundred teaching events are held for 3,000–4,000 people, including more and more adults. Well over a dozen educational programmes have been developed for young and old alike and are available upon request.
Aadress:Lossihoov 1, Kuressaare
Telefoni number:+372 455 7541

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