Alatskivi Nature Centre

Keskus:Alatskivi Nature Centre

The Alatskivi Nature Centre aims to raise people’s environmental awareness, popularise an eco-friendly mindset, and promote environmental education and all-round active interaction with nature through its activities. The nature centre provides different ways of adding to the school curriculum.

Alatskivi is situated in north-eastern Tartu County, 4 km from Lake Peipus. The natural diversity of Alatskivi has evolved over thousands of years with the development of the basin of Lake Peipus and from the different landforms of the ice-covered Pala-Alatskivi primeval valley. The nature trail leading to Alatskivi’s nature and major cultural-historic sites was founded in 1975; it is approximately 4 km long and takes about 2 or 3 hours to complete.

In summer 2013, the nature centre is open daily at 12:00–17:00.

Guided tours are available from the nature centre upon prior request:
Aadress:Alatskivi municipality
Telefoni number:+372 745 3769

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