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Piret Valge, an environmental education specialist at the Tartu office of the Environmental Board, is responsible for carrying out educational programmes in Tartu County and the Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve (in the Alam-Pedja Nature Centre in Kirna).

The Department of Environmental Education of the Environmental Board also organises and carries out activities promoting the field of environmental education and popularising the principles of sustainable development among target and interest groups. We organise seminars, workshops and campaigns, compile informative publications about the environment, and prepare materials for information stands about nature reserves and hiking trails as well as for the expositions of nature centres.

One of our priorities is to develop and carry out educational programmes for general education institutions and kindergartens in support of the implementation of the curricular topics “The environment and I” and “The environment and sustainable development”. The educational programmes follow the principles of active learning – pupils obtain knowledge and experience through hands-on activities. We conduct programmes in nature centres, hiking trails, near or in educational institutions. Programmes are free of charge for schools and kindergartens; however, the schools must organise their own transport to the nature centre or hiking trail.

Aadress:Aleksandri 14, Tartu
Telefoni number:+372 730 2256, +372 527 3340

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