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The overall purpose of NPO Peipsi Centre for Transboundary Cooperation (Peipsi CTC) is to provide knowledge-based support for the balanced development of the Lake Peipus (Peipsi) region and the border areas of the European Union. In addition to raising environmental awareness, we also work on transboundary and developmental cooperation and community development.

Our main office is located in Tartu, but educational programmes are carried out e.g. in Meenikunno Bog, Männikjärve Bog, on the shore of Lake Peipus, in educational institutions etc. – depending on the content of the programme and the preferences of the customer.

Contacts for educational programmes: Katrin Saart, and Eeva Kirsipuu,

Teaching aid rental:

  • The study kit Peat Case – click here for more information

  • Peipsi CTC lends out teaching aids necessary for nature observation – from a protractor to an anemometer. We offer 20 backpacks that can be kitted out with the necessary nature observation tools; in addition, the backpack may include seat mats, cups and raincoats needed for a successful training day. Click here for more information

Exhibition The Living Room of Lake Peipus (Sõpruse 84, Tiheda Village, Kasepää, Jõgeva County)

In cooperation with the Peipsi Information Centre and Kasepää Parish, the exhibition is open Tue–Thu 10:00–14:00 in the winter season (September to April) and Tue–Sat 11:00–16:00 in the summer season (May to August).

Further information:, phone: 602 0105,

The Living Room of Lake Peipus is a permanent exhibition providing information relating to the natural conditions of Lake Peipus and an overview of everyday life on the coast of Lake Peipus. The exhibition includes models and descriptions of the 34 fish species living in Lake Peipus. Lake Peipus itself is depicted and described by means of a 3D model measuring nearly 4 m in length and 1.4 m in width; it includes the major settlements, accommodation options, museums, observation towers and other attractions on the coast of Lake Peipus. The lake and fish models are accompanied by explanatory texts in Estonian, Russian and English. Visitors also learn about the lake’s food chain, fish development and biota – from leeches to blue-green algae etc.
Aadress:Puiestee 71a, 51009 Tartu
Telefoni number:+372 699 0365

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