Saadjärve Nature School

Keskus:Saadjärve Nature School

The Saadjärve Nature School is located in Tartu Parish, in the Saadjärve Nature Centre situated on the coast of the beautiful Lake Saadjärv. The visitors of the nature centre can learn about drumlins and the nature of Vooremaa (“Drumlin Land”). Given that our activities are closely related to the lake, the lake and its biota are also our main topic. However, since Lake Saadjärv is located in Vooremaa, the subject of drumlins is also highly important to us.

We provide various educational programmes on these topics to different age groups and can also organise training days and courses.
Aadress:Äksi village, Tartu municipality, 60502 Tartu county
Telefoni number:+372 505 6981

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