Tartu Environmental Education Centre

Keskus:Tartu Environmental Education Centre

The Tartu Environmental Education Centre foundation specialises in integrating environmental education with everyday life and school curricula. We encourage people to notice and appreciate the nature around them. We impart the knowledge that we believe in and teach the skills we consider necessary for sustainable development.

Our activities are adapted to different age groups:

  • For children and adolescents: the activities of the hobby clubs operating in the Tartu Nature House

  • For kindergarten and school groups: educational active learning programmes

  • For families, groups, enthusiasts: nature films and environment evenings, sustainable lifestyle workshops, environmental bus trips and theme days

  • For teachers: methodological and teamwork courses at the training centre

We help to develop smart people who are knowledgeable about nature and considerate towards the environment.

Aadress:Lille 10, Tartu
Telefoni number:+372 736 1693

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