Endla Nature Centre (Environmental Board)

Keskus:Endla Nature Centre (Environmental Board)


The Endla Nature Centre is situated on the border of the Endla Nature Reserve, in Tooma Village, in the historical bog school building. The nature centre carries out educational programmes about nature protection, the bog, water and biota, etc. The building also houses an exposition about the Endla Nature Reserve; if you wish to see the exhibit, please book your visit by phone in advance.

Visitors may also explore the nature reserve on their own by taking the prepared hiking trails. The length of the trails varies from 3 to 12 km; the corresponding descriptions and plans have been provided in the leaflet Hiking Trails in the Endla Nature Reserve and on the website of RMK. Groups of more than 20 people need a permit for roaming; please turn to the Jõgeva-Tartu regional office of the Environmental Board to obtain it.

Aadress:Tooma village, Jõgeva municipality, Jõgeva County
Telefoni number:+372 5341 9205

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