Luua Forestery School

Keskus:Luua Forestery School

The Luua Forestry School organises various training days and courses related to environmental education for both adults and children. For adults, we provide a number of courses on species, forestry, and the organisation of nature expeditions.

For pupils, we organise nature camps with the support of the EIC Foundation (from 2004 to 2009 the camps took place in the Elistvere Animal Park, from 2008 to 2010 in Luua). Teachers from both the Luua Forestry School and the Tartu Environmental Education Centre take part in the organisation of nature camps.

We are prepared to organise lessons and training days on the following topics:

Plant communities in Estonia; trees and bushes in Estonia; mosses and lichens; recognising birds by song; lessons about mammals; a lesson about small mammals; amphibians and reptiles; molluscs (snails and mussels); arthropods (both land and aquatic creatures), etc.
Aadress:Luua village, Palamuse municipality, Jõgeva County
Telefoni number:+372 776 2115, +372 525 4004

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