RMK Elistvere Nature Centre

Keskus:RMK Elistvere Nature Centre

The Elistvere Nature Centre is located in the Tartu-Jõgeva recreation area, on the 2nd floor of the gate building of the Elistvere Animal Park, with which many people are already familiar. The Elistvere Animal Park was founded in 1997. The park aims to provide environmental education and offer the chance to observe wild animals in their natural environment. The nature centre contributes to that goal by providing environmental education programmes and organising events. It also gives an overview of the sites in the entire Tartu-Jõgeva region and offers programmes amidst the nature of the surrounding areas.

Opening hours of the nature centre:

1 March to 31 May Mon–Sun 10:00–17.00
1 June to 31 August Mon–Sun 10:00–20:00
1 September to 31 October Mon–Sun 10:00–17:00
1 November to 20 February Mon–Sun 11.00–15:00


Aadress:Elistvere village, Tabivere municipality, Jõgeva County
Telefoni number:+372 676 7495, +372 525 3395

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