The Energy Discovery Centre is a science centre based in the former Tallinn power plant that seeks to motivate children to study science. In order to achieve this, the Centre has over one hundred exhibits, which allow kids to safely study and test physical phenomena. It’s very important for us that our visitors can discover the surrounding environment themselves.

We also offer schools the opportunity to diversify their science classes – the Centre’s programme includes many workshops. The unique environment of the old and imposing power plant is an ideal place to explain how electricity works and how it is generated.

The Energy Discover Centre is run by the Tallinn Technology and Science Centre Foundation, which was established in 1999 by the City of Tallinn, Tallinn University of Technology, Eesti Energia AS and AS Tallinna Küte (now Utilitas Tallinn). For the first ten years the name of the organisation managed by the foundation in the old power plant was the Energy Centre, in 2009 it was renamed the Energy Discovery Centre. The Centre’s renovation project started in 2012 and the new Energy Discovery Centre opened its doors to visitors on 13 June 2014.

Energy Discovery Centre – discover, play, learn!
Aadress:Põhja pst 29, Tallinn
Telefoni number:620 90 20, 620 90 23


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