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The initiative to establish a nature school came from a number of conservationists, nature enthusiasts and NGOs about a decade ago. The nature school, purchased and renovated in cooperation between the Estonian Fund for Nature (ELF) and the Association for Nature Conservation Eagle (Kotkas), was opened in 2006 (the activities relating to environmental education were launched in 2004). The nature school proceeds from the principle that nature should, above all, be approached through personal experiences and a sense of nature. The nature school functions in the form of different camps, training days and outdoor learning programmes; it is open to children and young people, as well as adult learners.

Ever since 2004, the activity of the nature school has intensified year by year; the scope and range of environmental education activities and the number of partners have grown. Hand in hand with substantial advancements, the infrastructure and teaching aids have also been improving constantly.­ 


The Palupõhja Nature School is a place for learning amidst genuine living nature.

The nature school is an independent, unique and singular place that appreciates natural resources and a natural way of living, boasting an excellent inspirational and creative learning environment.

Here, you can feel the joy of doing things with your own hands. We revive old handicraft techniques and learn to craft things out of different natural materials among nature.

It is a place for learning and sharing: we are glad to learn from and share in other’s wisdom, tell stories and impart knowledge in the middle of nature.

1. Learning about nature – we learn how to be in nature; nature as a mediator and a teacher.

2. Learning about yourself, being with yourself, an environment for exploring, just being and enjoying the silence.

3. Learning and being together with others, the joy of new knowledge.

This place has leaders and activities with a soul, and people with a soul come here. Everyone takes part in shaping the learning environment.


Learners of all ages who are independent, responsible, open-minded and wish to be here on their own volition.

  • FAMILIES (family days, work campaigns, workshops, family hikes)

  • CHILDREN (classes, smaller groups, instructor presence required)

The size of admissible groups depends on the season:

  • 1 day (up to 40 people)

  • Several days (up to 20 people)

  • ORGANISATIONS: nature conservation organisations, schools, universities

  • ADULTS (work campaigns, teacher/instructor training)


The programmes of the nature school are unique, characterised by independent crafting and creation. The programmes are developed in coordination with the participants.

Our activities are divided as follows:


  • Nature camps and training programmes for young people, adults and families

Objective: to support nature-related learning (aquatic life, different biotic communities, bog plants, birds, trees, fish, insects, medicinal herbs etc.).


We revive old handicraft techniques, learn to craft things out of different natural materials and appreciate natural resources amidst nature.

  • Thematic camps (handicraft, nature photography, constructing a wooden boat and a dugout canoe, birch, etc.)

  • Workshops

  • Wood days

These events involve instructors and craftsmen who see the activities as their daily work and lifestyle.


Short- and long-term (incl. international) work campaigns.

The programmes are supported by the existing auxiliary materials (incl. a specialised library, presentation equipment – data projector and screen, paper board, tools for nature observation – binoculars, scoop nets for studying aquatic life, light trap, etc.).
Telefoni number:+372 503 9996


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