Sessioon 7: Väärtused ja eetika säästvat arengut toetavas hariduses


Sessiooni ettekanded on inglise keeles.

Highlighting the value prototyper of modern young people in the context of sustainable education and development
Ilze Strode, Latvia

Finding roots in all globalising world. Value education of national identity
Merike Mitt, Estonia

Why should they care?
Imbi Kõiv, Estonia

Explaining the prevalence of environmental values in European countries
Kati Orru, Estonia

Sessioon 5: Jätkusuutlikud koolid – meetodid


Sessiooni ettekanded on inglise keeles.

Education as Lived Experience-Food for Mind and Soul
Sue Clutterbuck, United Kingdom

Think before you Buy – Choose products with less hazardous substances. A teacher’s handbook
Kai Klein, Estonia

Global Education workshops for non-formal learning in the Youth Sector
Uku Visnapuu, Estonia

Practical tools for understanding nature
Marika Kose, Estonia

Practical education with “Home from Earth”
Sven Aluste, Estonia

Sessioon 4: Jätkusuutlikud koolid


Sessiooni ettekanded on inglise keeles.

ESD in World Heritage Education (WHE) – a study of teachers conceptions and experiences of WHE in Kvarken Archipelago
Ida Berg, Finland

Project „Hello, Spring!“ – Over 20 years of Values Education through Nature and Environmental Education
Terje Tuisk, Estonia

Investigating the effect of ESD-implementation in the Swedish school system by assessing students’ sustainability consciousness
Niklas Gericke, Sweden

An education for sustainability dissemination program in Israeli schools: Changes in the schools and in student outcomes
Tali Tal, Israel and USA

Sustainable schools – missing points
Anna Batorczak, Poland